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painting pickleball gym floor lines 4 Pitt County Community Schools and Recreation My company paints game lines & installs sports flooring, give us a call and we'll provide a quote for you. Sport Court Carolina 704-239-4900 Dave Barbee
by Sport Court Carolina, Inc.
13 hours ago
Dog Park Information 0 R. JONES   The City of Monroe is currently exploring the feasibility of a dog park.  Would anyone that has been a part of this kind of project within the last year or two mind sharing the cost, size, design, amenities and procedures that were included in its construction? Thank you so much for your assistance in advance! Ryan Jones City of Monroe Program Director, Parks and Recreation  
Thursday, November 16, 2017
Art Approval / Art Committee 0 A. Ahrens Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department is in the beginning stages of bringing art pieces such as sculptures & murals to our downtown common areas and facilities. We are looking for information from departments that currently take on reviewing/approving art pieces and/or take part in an art committee for their town. Please share some policies, procedures, or information relating to your departments process working with this area. Thank you in advance.   Alison Ahrens Downtown Events and Facility Coordinator Town of Huntersville Parks and Recreation
by A. Ahrens
Monday, November 13, 2017
Dog Park Policies 2 Swansboro Parks and Recreation Brittany: We now have two dog parks. The Town has an animal registration process in place. Residents are required to complete a short form and pay a one-time fee ($10 for each spayed/neutered pet and $25 for in tact pets). They receive a tag with a unique ID for each registered pet. We do not have any other fees associated with use of the parks. I'm attaching our signage for Lake Benson Park. It has separate play areas for small and large dogs; as a result, there is some additional wording on those that do not appear on the other park signs. Feel free to reach out directly with additional questions!  -Katie
by K. Spencer
Thursday, October 26, 2017
Smoke Free Parks 2 B. WILKES Hello, Town of Cornelius parks have been tobacco free since 2012, with enforcement similar to that described by Mr. Kirschman. Ours is a Town ordinance, attached.
by Cornelius Parks, Arts, Recreation & Culture
Friday, October 20, 2017
SWAC Sports 0 C. Sisk   Just curious to see if others had any policies or procedures when organizing each SWAC team?  And if so, what are they?  We are wanting to solidify an “all-star” selection process for future tournaments and wanted to get some insight on how others do it.  Feel free to respond to Connor Sisk at or 704-951-3024.  Thanks! Connor Sisk Athletic Coordinator Mount Holly Parks & Recreation
by C. Sisk
Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Policy Manual and Smoking in Parks 1 A. Stanley Anna,We are currently in the same situation. We are reviewing and updating our policy and procedures manual. I would be interested in what you receive, if you are willing to share. I will also be more than willing to share any information I receive as well. Thanks. Jonathan Allen, DirectorClinton Recreation & Parks Department
by Clinton Recreation and Parks
Monday, October 16, 2017
Facility Rental Forms 2 Clinton Recreation and Parks We just updated our shelter rental form. I'm also including the contract we use for our Nature Center rentals. -Katie
by K. Spencer
Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Security/Safety Plans 0 K. ISLEY   We are in the process of reviewing our safety plan and developing an incident response plan that will enable staff to be better prepared and more responsive in the event of an occurrence. Anyone willing to share the basics of your plan? Sure would appreciate it!  Kim Isley City of Asheville Facility Manager, Senior Opportunity Center   
Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Job Descriptions 0 P. Christie We are looking to update job descriptions with salary ranges for our Park Ranger, Maintenance and Park Director positions. We would appreciate it if anyone would be willing to share this information with us! Thank you in advance, Pat Christie, Parks and Recreation Director Town of Mills River  
by P. Christie
Friday, September 29, 2017
Veterans Memorials 0 LELAND PARKS & RECREATION The Town of Leland would like to add a Veteran's Memorial to their Municipal Park. We are seeking advice as to design, funding, protocol, and material sources. Any suggestions would be appreciated- Thank you.
Thursday, September 28, 2017
Geocaching policies 3 M. HEPLER Hey Michelle!  We have around 50 geocaches that have been placed in our parks by visitors. When we found out about the program, we created the attached policies and registration form (not many people actually fill out the form).  We also decided to place some of our own so we created the attached "Geocache Challenge."  I haven't noticed that it has brought a lot more visitors to the parks.  We have gotten a lot of first time park visitors from it, so that has been good.  I haven't really had any concerns or problems- we have a volunteer who is a big geocacher and he helps me keep on eye on things.  I have had to replace some of our containers because people take them (not the geocachers, but others who find them accidentally).  The website has a page for Law Enforcement and Parks Professionals that has some good info on it.  They will also upgrade your account to the premium account at no charge so you can see all the geocaches on your park properties.  Let me know if you have any other questions!  We had interns and volunteers do a lot of research and work on the program. Thanks! Jodi Rich New Hanover County Parks & Gardens (910) 798-7629
by J. Dellinger Rich
Thursday, September 28, 2017
Volunteer rejection process 0 A. Deans Hi all, I am looking for some information on how other Parks and Recreation agencies deal with the rejection of a volunteer who has failed a background check. Our department is in the process of moving to a new online vendor to process volunteer background checks and in researching the procedures for the approval and rejection process, we looked into the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to see if it impacted volunteers. We are interpreting that volunteers, like employees, are covered under the (FCRA). If this is the case, any volunteer who is not approved to volunteer due to not passing a background check, our agency would be required to provide a pre-adverse notice, a copy of the background report, copy of the FCRA Summary of Rights, and give the volunteer at least 5 days to appeal. Are other agencies utilizing this process for rejecting volunteers who do not pass background reports? If not, what is your process for informing a volunteer they did not pass a background check and are unable to volunteer with your agency? With our new background system, this will allow us to receive updates within 24 hours if a volunteer is arrested or charged with a crime.I am also looking for information on how agencies deal with a volunteer who gets flagged for a charge while volunteering. Are they still given the process to appeal the charge as stated above? We are having some concerns on how this would affect our youth athletic leagues. If a coach is flagged for a charge mid season and given 5 days to appeal, are we required to put them on leave until appeal process is completed? This could have a major impact as the team would be without a coach until appeal is completed. Any information or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ashley  
by A. Deans
Friday, September 8, 2017
Bullying Verbiage in Code of Conduct 0 L. Rice Good afternoon! Has anyone incorporated verbiage directly related to bullying into your code of conduct? We've been asked to add a line to our existing code that already includes no fighting and no profanity. Any wording or examples are appreciated.  Thank you! Laura Rice Recreation Program Supervisor Henderson County Parks & Recreation
by L. Rice
Monday, August 28, 2017
Fees for Various Programs and Instructors 2 K. Ivey We offer two 30 minute classes for Seniors at no cost. The instructor for those gets a flat $15 per class. The instructors for all other classes are charged at a percentage 15 - 30% depending on staffing needs.
by J. Moon
Monday, August 28, 2017
Golf Course Marketing (Third Party) 0 D. FOY Help!  This is directed towards departments that manage a municipal golf course.  Is anyone using a third party (marketing company) to manage the marketing efforts of your course?  If so and you are willing, I would like to contact you regarding the implementation and outcome of your marketing firm.  Thank you!  Dean Foy, Park Superintendent
by D. FOY
Monday, August 28, 2017
Prize distributions 2 H. Burgess This helps so much! Thank you for replying! We have an older population here and we already do Potlucks every other week in the spring and fall. We're just trying to bring in some more activities/events for them and it's great to hear what other Towns are doing! We just want to make sure there aren't any NC laws we might break by offering Bingo. Thanks again!
by H. Burgess
Friday, August 25, 2017
Tennis Court Resurfacing 2 Jacksonville Recreation & Parks Town of Wake Forest has resurfaced 4 in the last 15 months, will be doing 6 more this upcoming fiscal year. What type of info are you looking for?
by J. Glover
Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Cricket league 0 D. Moore Hello everyone, Our athletic department is contemplating the idea of creating a cricket league in our community. Is there anyone in the NCRPA community with experience creating and managing a cricket league?  What kind of facility do you use (multi-purpose field or baseball outfield)?  How much do you charge?  What days would you play on? Thank you in advance for the suggestions and help.
by D. Moore
Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Alligator Weed 1 ALBEMARLE PARKS & RECREATION Here is an excerpt from "A Management Guide for Invasive Plants in Southern Forests":Thouroughly wet all leaves with one of the following herbicides in water: to minimize impacts to nontarget plants, apply Garlon 4 (Renovate 3 for aquatic sites) or a glyphosate herbicide (Rodeo for aquatic sites) as a 2% solution (8 ounces per 3 gallon mix) for good control above the waterline. Apply Habitat* as a 0.5% solution (2 ounces per 3 gallon mix) in a 100 gallon per acre mix in spring to protect dormant native plants and to let them respond to release from alligatorweed or, when foliage is emerged, Clearcast* as a 1% solution (4 ounces per 3 gallon mix).It notes that Habitat and Clearcast can potentially kill nontarget plants.Garlon 4 is a very effective herbicide, but not recommended for aquatic use. I'm pretty sure that Renovate 3 is what is now used in place of what was Garlon 3A. I've never used the Renovate, but Garlon 3A was also effective. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, and is sold under many names. Be sure to use one that is listed for aquatic use if you are planning on treating in water. Rodeo is an example of an aquatic safe Roundup, but there are probably other generic brands that are cheaper.I'm sure if you call DENR, someone will be happy to tell you the application they used, and guide you along through the treatment process. Good luck!Disclaimer: I've never dealt with Alligatorweed, but the guide I mentioned above has been very beneficial to me in dealing with other invasive species.
by R. Newsome
Friday, August 18, 2017